Friday, 28 August 2009

catching up with the times

SO/// here is another slice of Jonquil's internet presence. I've been told its a very important thing these days, so here we are.

I'm just going to spew out some stuff now. Maybe i will add some 'media' which I hear is all the rage these days.

JONQUIL JONQUIL JONQUIL. That is us, and we are busy chappies right now. in two and a bit weeks time we are going to all jump into a small van and drive accross europe (9 countries in 14 days!) to play music in front of people. That might be where this blog actually gets interesting, so keep your internet peeled.

You might ask 'WHY HAVN'T JONQUIL RELEASED ANY MUSIC FOR AAAAGEEESSSS', and if you did so you would certainly do it in capital letters. The answer would consist of a lot of deliberation and a lot of talk about how we want to make the best possible record ever, and that just about justifies taking a while making it. I hope. Anyway... we're pretty much done writing now, its just the recording, and we have been taking the first steps towards that in our lovely basement studio:

We've also made a vocal booth out of the old shower and we might even work out a way of recording vocals whilst actually having a shower, for that realistic singing-in-the-shower sound, yeah?

So this is our home for the next two weeks, and before we go on tour we will have a couple of songs for you to listen to, and i'm going to let you know, right here, what we're doing. WHATCHA!


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