Friday, 4 September 2009

Jonquil recording diary + video

Hey all,

Ok, so another song tracked and another little video to tell you all about it. This third song totally had the potential to undo us last night. Complicated rhythms, loads of cuts, having to hit the snare exactly in the middle and not knowing any change-overs without the vocals (Sam had to nod ferociously at me every third second). However, we got it eventually and when listening back to our final take a cheer erupted from the six of us as the last chord rung out. Pretty cute. That’s never happened before. I’m slightly worried we’re turning into a bunch of savages; You know, expressing emotion and all that.

Despite the slightly more pressured atmosphere we still managed to completely compromise our growing sense of professionalism by embarking on a full band version of Postman Pat half way through a take. Graeme ventured in to the live room after a decent five minutes of us exploring the well known ditty and told us simply “I don’t know how to deal with that”. At wits end I fear. I was surprised at the quality of the rendition but you can decide for yourself by watching the video. You can also see Hugo delivering a few priceless sentences. Halfway through he says “cotton-bud” not “condom”, I promise.

Anyway, just a few more days to go before this turns into a tour blog; more tracking tonight and then over dubs and vocals over the weekend. For now though I’m going to go tend to the beast. She needs a quick Hoover and there’s some free wall space that’s begging for a few evil eyes…

New video + photos tomorrow.

Speak soon,


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