Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Old Tour Photos...

Hey all,

so, we played our tour warm up show last night in London. It went pretty well. i dropped a drum on my toe, we forgot our merch and the others drove back to Oxford to find they'd been locked out of the house. Smooth.

Anyway, we leave for tour across Europe on Sunday so i thought id give you a small selection of photos from our last european tour. lets hope we have as good a time and i am able to extend my collection of photos of policemen's backsides to a near publishable quantity. enjoy.

One of my favourite books on Queer Film Theory is entitled 'Working like a Homosexual' im thinking of sending that photo to the publisher for the cover of the second edition.
Here's Sam attempting to to make the cover of the next 'Those Less Fortunate Than Yourself Go To DisneyLand' pamphlet. Donnations made payable to Jonquil's bank account. we've got to get him through school somehow:

Heres Robin appearing vibrant in all his sunblushed glory; totally on top of things:

...and then not so sunblushed or glorious:

Hardware slug:

The sculpture had balls aswell as breasts.

Some photos that dont need annoying one line explanations:

And my personal favourite. Hugo never looked so scared when he woke up:

Anyway, a new song should be up on our myspace in the next few days. we've locked hugo away with a toffee apple from the fair and told him he has to finnish mixing the tracks before tour.

speak soon,



  1. You missed a trick with the photo of Sam cupping his 'tit-balls'. I'd have gone for the Sweep reference:

    "Sometimes my balls feel like tits"

    ...but then maybe that would be too 'in jokey'.

  2. the sculpture did have balls as well as breasts. the balls were round the back. im sick of your shit stuart.