Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Recording Diary #1: Tuesday 1st September 2009.

Hey all,

The first track of our session saw the light of some sort of existence last night. Second take…we’re all feeling pretty pro about that. Vocal-less at the moment but Hugo will be taking care of that small issue in the next few days I’m sure.
The scaffolding of stands that support the nine mics surrounding my kit (three on the bass drum alone) makes me feel like I’m an extra in Minority Report. We keep finding Graeme (Youm) hiding inside the sonic tent we’ve erected out from the bass drum. It’s just when things get a bit too much for him. Perhaps Jody filling all his spare time by playing heavily delayed renditions of ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ and Hugo’s incessant use of his keyboard’s pitch shifter between takes is having a slight effect on Graeme’s sanity. He’s a total hero for agreeing to help engineer the recording for us, and despite moments of paralysing confusion when staring at the plethora of knobs on our new mixer, he seems to be enjoying himself. He’s even sprouting his own set of EQ dials on the back of his head. The optimum settings to me seem to be a touch of ‘Belfast Work Ethic’, a healthy amount of ‘Drum Sound Favouritism’ and the ‘Panic’ dial taken right down to zero. After a couple of hours in the control room yesterday he looked up at me forlornly and said simply; “I need to smoke something”. We responded sensitively by maxing out the ‘Get the fuck back to work for no personal reward’ dial and carried him swiftly back to fester amongst the knotting XLR’s and decaying effects pedals that line his nest.
Track titles are becoming a problem. At the moment each song seems to be referred to by us singing its opening few bars of melody. For the less vocally gifted members of the band this leads to some confusion and whole conversations are being conducted by humming a seemingly indiscernible pattern of notes back and forth until a collective “oh, you mean that one” rings out and we’ve all forgotten whatever point we had to make in the first place.
Having said all this, things are progressing really well. We’re on schedule to finish the recordings before going on tour across Europe on the 13th and we should have a track up on the Myspace and some studio videos appearing for you shortly…but first allow me a few quick thankyou’s:

-Russ (Hreda): for lending us his sweet mics.
-Andrew (Andrew Mears) Mears: for helping sort out the space and smashing a sink off the wall in the process, claming; “It’s my bad, but it’s not my fault”.
-Jake: for beginning his Jonquil rockumentary yesterday entitled Sweet Child of Mine and a BOSS DD5.
-Josep: who, having been the Jonquil mascot for the last month and the total sum of our Spanish fan base, left for Romania today. I watched him leave through floods of tears before promptly returning to the studio to reposition the ‘Moon-Gel’ on my floor-tom and remove Graeme from the sonic bass drum tent. It fucks with the sound when he’s in there.

Speak soon,

P.s. new blog and videos will be with you tomorrow.

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