Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Recording Diary #2 Wednesday 2nd September 2009

Hey all,

The studio has become all consuming. It swallowed seven healthy, happy, vibrant young adults about a week ago and is currently digesting them into vague shapes that scuttle around; tripping over cables, relentlessly pressing solo buttons and crushing Heineken cans with surprising efficiency. We all know recycling is the key to any successful recording session. Got to give something back with all the power we’re draining from the national grid. We’d be N-Power's most valued customers if we ever paid a bill.
With last night came our second session of tracking and things are still going swimmingly. The second of four tracks has been successfully captured forever. Well, providing our hard disk recorder doesn’t blow up or Graeme manages to execute his ever-looming plan to lock us in the live room, under the pretence of doing a take, as he strips the control room of all its worth and goes to ground somewhere in east Oxford; whistling a medley of all the unwritten Jonquil songs that will never come to fruition.
Last night we all arrived attempting to hold serious expressions on our faces in anticipation of a few serious hours of work ahead of us. This soon fell apart however as Hugo bounded into the studio drunk and very hyper earnestly claiming he was “in the zone” and “feeling the vibe”. The ‘vibe’ we all soon realised consisted of the pitch shifter on his Nord Stage finally achieving full band-member status and had more to say than the rest of us put together. No-one cared much though seeing as the track is sounding so good and is destined to make at least a few toes tap along during the upcoming tour. I’m considering tactfully slipping in the words ‘dance’ and ‘floor’ into the lyrics for this one, so you can see our intentions. The priority now, however, is to get Hugo sober for the next session. Although I quite liked him being “in the zone”. I’ll do a round email to the guys and we’ll decide if we want to pool together some cash to put towards a Hugo intoxication kitty and keep the good times rolling. I’ll let you know how that goes…unless a video of him flipping a slice of cheese from his forehead into his mouth surfaces then that’ll pretty much tell you all you need to know. Fingers crossed.

Speak soon,


p.s. the first studio video diary is nearly ready to go up. Maybe later today. For now though you can enjoy these photos… (Play spot the pitch shifter. Clues: it’s orange and Hugo’s always touching it.)


  1. 1. it's scottish power, not n-power. and if you'd like to contribute i can forward you our bank details. i mean, really, why not.
    2. nice photos.
    3. saaaafe.

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