Sunday, 6 September 2009

Studio video diary #3

Jonquil studio video diary #3 (Day five)

Ok, over dub day. As a result it seems some of us have lost our minds. I feel boggled. Spending a whole day (and night) hitting a broken cello and watching the rest of my band gladly spiral into some strange subterranean reality where it’s ok to communicate via duck quacks has been slightly disconcerting. Here’s the video documenting us spending too much time with each other. I hope you enjoy.

Speak soon,

p.s. the outfit Jody’s wearing half way through went on an outing with him all the way to the counter of the local shop before he remembered he was wearing it. Just consider the shop keeper’s thought process when faced with such an awesome entity.


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  2. Thank you very much to share these moments, I really appreciate it

  3. He went to the shop wearing the wizard/druid outfit? Jody has gone up another 12 notches in my 'legend' scale. Simply stunning stuff.