Thursday, 24 September 2009

Tour Blog #2

This is going to be a quick one. We should be leaving Brno any minute now, but we are busy nursing mild hangovers and not looking forward to getting in the newly dvd-less van. All should be ok, though. We are going to Prague after all!

So to start from where kit left off, we had a show in Zilina, a small city in the northern mountains of Slovakia. The venue was a kind of arts-centre with a gallery and venue all housed in an ex-train station. I say ex, but its actually still a train station, with intermittant trains stopping to let one, or two, people off. We keep thinking that one train will be full of punters, all waving Jonquil banners, and screaming and screaming. This does not happen. However, it is still a great show. Lots of dancing and enthusiasam. This is what we like.

Vienna has to be one of the most beutiful cities i've ever seen, and we see a great deal of it, firstly as the promoter suggests we park the van in an obscure quarter of the city which is neither near the restaurant we will be eating in, nor the venue we will be playing in. So, a 15 minute walk turns into a 30 minute journey incorporating tram and metro. Good food, good show (terrible support band)... we all conclude that vienna might be one of the shows that we forget actually happened.

So now we are in Fleda in Brno; a hostel, bar, cafe, club and venue all-in-one. Kind of ideal, as we play a gig, party in the basement club, and sleep in the upstairs hostel.

Still no pictures due to an 'incident' in Berlin, so here is a picture of Brno... imagine us all stading lofty and suave in the foreground:



  1. oi oi from sunny oxford! (its jimmy)

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