Monday, 30 November 2009

Back on it...

Hey all,

So, no posts for a while, I’m sorry, however that is all about to change…we’re back in the studio now and that’s just the way we like it. I’ve seemed to develop the ability to record my drum parts in only a few takes for each song, and considering I barely play them properly live it’s quite the personal achievement. Anyway, it gives me the time to update the rest of you with a bit more about what we’re up to...

The reality of the situation is that Hugo will probably just ‘drummergog’ (is that how its spelt?) all of my parts anyway, so he doesn’t give a shit and just tells me its all sounding good even if its not. For those that don’t know or care; it’s a computer programme that replaces the live drum hits with samples…..I now spend my nights vigorously searching the internet for a ‘Vocal-gog’ that I can helpfully suggest we use on his voice whenever he’s about to replace the sound of my bass drum with a sample of a tarantula defecating or whatever, see how he likes it. Sorry, I get defensive when my form of artistic expression, that is; hitting stuff, is under threat of computerised improvement. I never use the self service machines at supermarkets for example…I bet Hugo loves them though.

Anyway, we’ve recorded another four songs with two nearly done completely and the other two are well on their way. Two of them will give the impression that we’ve all recently been on a Surfing holiday, another is basically a classic sounding Disco/funk track and the other one is laced with some phat (sic) copycat trumpet drones over the outro. A little something for everyone perhaps; but particularly those of you that have a valid reason for buying that surfboard sex-wax stuff. What do modern day surfers listen to anyway? Is there a water resistant i-pod? Can sex-wax have other uses? Surely nominative determinism must have caused a few doctors appointments to be made in the past…

Anyway, Ben got stoned...

...and then drew these on our control room wall:

Hugo has become a bit of a hero at using Pro-tools and we’ve all looked at the screen so much that it’s actually caused heated debate as to how good the retro aesthetics of Hugo’s choice of windows desktop options actually are. We’ve also had our good friend Andy Halford (from Great Eskimo Hoax) help with mic-placement and much more…

...although from his five days with us in the basement the main thing I can remember is his story of taking Viagra and watching a sheep’s head explode. Not sure why he had to be sexually competent whilst watching such a thing; but he is from the Midlands and perhaps I’m a little naïve.

We decided to take a night off at the weekend and break into loads of Oxford Uni college bars. We played beer pong with the American Society at Exeter, darts At Herford College, crashed a formal ball at New College wearing ripped jeans and trainers and joined the very drunk idiots of the football 1st team at Magdalene college bar before re-entering reality and wishing we had all gone to Uni in what resembles medieval utopia. I then realised the 60’s architecture of Sussex Uni was more than satisfactory considering back to that football team at Magdalene standing on tables endlessly chanting some victory song. Im sure its not all like that.

Anyway, back to the basement it is. Sam’s doing some bass takes now; sounds sweet. I’ll be posting much more regularly from now on, so check back in with us soon.



  1. Kit You make me laugh! im back in europe in only 2 months.. i hope to have a massive drunk night at the star and hopefully test your mc skills! oli