Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Christmas recording…

So, Hugo summed the mood up rather triumphantly a few days back; turning to me he proudly stated “as of this weekend I’m feeling pretty fucking festive”. Yes. The one problem being that all of our songs currently sound like UV rays fucking with your chance of a happy retirement. You don’t care though because you’re a beach bum with sand in you eyes and if we can wash it out with some sonic summer you ain’t really going to complain are you?

Our house is currently decorated with some super kitsch decorations, most notably a springy-legged reindeer with a mysterious off white stain on his armpits. I also missed my school’s nativity performance last night to spend four more merry hours tracking drums. So yeah, “pretty fucking festive”.

Last night Jody frustratingly wrestled with a dodgy connection to his amp for ages. Then when he’d finished tracking for a song realised that his guitar is also chronically out of tune with Robin’s due to screwed intonation or something. I don’t really know as I steer clear of all that ‘notes’ and ‘melody’ bullshit. But still, even I could tell there was a problem. So he’s spending tonight fixing the issue the best he can. Probably with one of those mini screw drivers that all dedicated guitarists seem to own…ever seen one? Real cute. Sorry.

Anyway, we’ll also be doing some press shots soon and are considering band-funding a joint trip to the tanning salon; just to make sure that we look in keeping with the whole UV sonic summer shit. Sunbed-chic. Oh yeah.



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